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A Uniquely Kiwi Christmas...

Kiwi Christmas

The RED NZ Team are well underway with the installation of Christmas Theming and Santa Sets in major shopping centres around the country.   The Base in Hamilton has a uniquely Kiwi Christmas, with a stunning Pohutukawa Tree and some lively Pukeko animatronics.

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Film Premiere Wins Regional Award

Retail and Event Development NZ Ltd (R.E.D.NZ) were delighted to be involved with the theming of the Air New Zealand Premiere of Ice Age 4 Continental Drift, which resulted in 20th Century Fox NZ receiving an Asia Pacific Regional award for the event.  The movie launch was held at Queenstown's Reading Cinemas in July.

We congratulate 20th Century Fox NZ on receiving this award, and thank them for the trust they placed in R.E.D.NZ Ltd.

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Paralympics Closing Ceremony (Toni - London Olympics)

The Paralympics Closing Ceremony is now a distant memory, but what a spectacular show with Coldplay headlining.  Once again I was managing the entrance from the West Stand dressing rooms onto the stage, and this show was just as full on as the Olympic ceremonies.    Two weeks after the show the staging and offices were broken down and shipped off-site, and then for most of us it was farewell to London, with a rather large party to finish things off.  Some people are moving straight on to Glasgow for the Commonwealth Games, but most are taking time out for a break.  

I have arrived back in NZ to my third summer in a row!  Queenstown's looking great with cherry blossoms and tulips out, and the mountains still sparkling with snow.  After speaking to classes at QRC and Mt Roskill Grammar regarding my experiences at the Olympic and Paralympic Games, I am now working hard in the office of Red Events, and developing our marketing plan for the year ahead.

NZ Paralympic Team London 2012

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Going for Gold (Toni - London Olympics)

TonyTrack and Field has started at the Stadium and we on the Ceremonies Team are now looking ahead to the Closing Ceremony (in between watching NZ win medals of course!) With only 17 hrs to pack-in next weekend, and one major rehearsal in the Stadium it’s going to be very busy.

I went out to Dagenham East today to the rehearsal venue to watch a run-through. Exciting place, like a little city, with cast holding areas for thousands of performers, and two full size stage areas (that’s twice the size of the Olympic Stadium!).

Toni - London Olympics

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Need Props? Red Events Can Help!

Watch this space for details of the extensive range of props and equipment that we have available for hire - from castles to carriages, candelabra to red carpet.


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Ice Age 4 Continental Drift (Mike)

Ice Age Media

Very challenging weather!!! The blue carpet threatened to “drift” away - never had to nail a carpet to cobble stones before, always a first for everything. Thanks team for a great effort.

And its “GO TONI” as she goes for gold of the event kind in London. Huge week for her, and also challenged with wet weather as she organises rehearsal space and time for up to 18,000 performers!!! But we will all see the results very soon.


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Update (Toni - London Olympics)

TonyHi all,

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve sent an update. Time is flying by , and my work days have increased to around 15 hours. This is because cast rehearsals started 2 weeks ago, and there are 3 sessions a day. This means cast start arriving from 8.30am for a 10am call, and then again at 1.00pm and again from 5.00pm, 7 days a week. Very exciting to watch it all.

This Saturday, I have 8,000 cast coming in – starting at 8am – so that’s a bigger challenge. It’s going to be a very long day!
Next week we start using the proper cast holding areas – which are spread all over Olympic Park, and then Saturday 21st is the first dress rehearsal (there are 3 in total).

Sky NZ arrive this week, and I have been contacted to see if I am able to be interviewed by them for their Host Broadcast program. I’m having to go through LOCOG to get permission to do this, because they don’t allow any of us to talk to the Media, but I’m hoping they will allow me to go over to the International Broadcast Centre (also in the Olympic Park precinct) to do this, as long as I don’t talk about the content of the Opening Ceremony. Hopefully they say yes!

Another thing I’ve been doing over the last few days is managing the interaction between the Stage Managers and Broadcast Rights Holders (the official broadcasters coming in from each country), as they are busy cabling throughout the Stadium, and of course getting in the way of the Stage Managers running their rehearsals. It’s interesting seeing how all the different parties have to do their jobs over top of each other.

We now are in lockdown at the Park, which means total security measures in place, and the Armed Forces have taken over the security around the Park perimeter. It’s actually quite nice going to work and being greeted by the Army guys one day, and then the Marines the next.Sorry I can’t tell you anything about the rehearsals, but in 16 days you’ll all be able to watch it and then you can all tell me what you think! Hope everyone is well and I look forward to catching up when I get back to NZ mid September.

Toni - London Olympics

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