Celtic Mana Style in Queenstown

Working with Simon Green from The Main Event, and Queenstown's Tom Tom Productions on the Celtic Mana show at the Events Centre provided a change of pace for the RED NZ team in April. The fully-staged show merged Scottish pipers with Maori music, creating a haunting mix of cultures to showcase to the international guests.   Tartan, flame lamps, and a Scottish castle flanked one side of the stage, while NZ ferns, Maori designs and carvings created a NZ backdrop on the other side.   The two merged into one across the front of the stage with tartan merged into a Koru symbol.  Digital imagery projected onto massive sails behind the stage depicted the journey from Scotland to NZ.

The entertainment was fantastic, the sound & lighting production was excellent, and we would recommend this show to anyone wanting to stage a first-class entertainment experience for their guests.


 Celtic Thunder Event


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