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X-Men Premiere
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Often it is the elements which surprise and delight an audience that is the most memorable.  Such an investment requires creative ideas, well executed plans and the highest level of care and detail to guarantee success.  Red Events experience in managing large scale festivals and productions allow us to offer your organisation value to drive the right message and utilise your budget to the best advantage.

No matter whether your project is targeted to an audience which is small or a crowd that gathers in the thousands, Red Events high performing solutions will command attention. 

The following offers some example of successfully completed festivals and exhibitions: 

  • Sky City grand opening 
  • X-Men and Ice Age film premieres
  • The Variety Club, Children’s Heart charity fundraiser
  • Trinny and Susanna NZ road show 
  • Portable Ice Rink for 2011 Queenstown Winter Festival 

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